Engine CMS

Engine CMS

Engineered to supercharge your business.

Custom developed to your business requirements, Engine CMS is intended to be as efficient as possible, enabling our websites to be faster than any WordPress counterpart.

What is Engine CMS?

Engine CMS is a content management system that allows you to not only build your website, but also your business. With Engine CMS, you can create, manage, modify, and publish content in a user-friendly interface, with ease and security, giving you the possibility to build and expand your website.

The flexibility of Engine CMS is unmatched, whether you require an e-commerce solution, a secure business portal or anything else, it's all possible. The simple and user-friendly UI will drastically speed up your business and reduce costs, eliminating the need for an IT department to manage your website.

Engine CMS vs WordPress

Lightning Fast

Engine Is Faster

Engine CMS features optimised code, built using Python which performs faster and PHP, the programming language that WordPress runs on. WordPress is bloated with a lot of functionalities which you'll never need, we custom-develop Engine CMS to fit your needs exactly.

Ultra Secure

Engine Is Safer

WordPress websites can be very vulnerable due to insecure plugins and themes created by unknown sources. We adhere to strict security standards with Engine CMS, our websites are continuously screened to detect and fix any security vulnerabilities.

Unmatched Stability

Engine Is Reliable

All functionality is integrated into the core of Engine CMS, ensuring seamless compatibility and guaranteed stability with ongoing updates. WordPress relies on themes and plugins created and maintained by unknown third parties, this severely compromises stability.

Speedy Development

Engine Can Be Developed Faster

Another perk of the Python programming language is quicker and easier development times compared to WordPress' PHP, which is a much older language and takes a long time to develop.

On-demand Support

Engine Has Better Support

With your Engine CMS-powered website, you'll have the WM team on hand to support you. The WM team will have knowledge of your website's entire platform, allowing us to provide high-quality support whenever you need it.

Fully Bespoke

Engine Wraps Around You

WordPress requires dozens of plugins to carry out your desired functionality, with each plugin being a security vulnerability and a point of failure. The WM team will listen to your requirements to embed bespoke functionalities into the core software of your Engine website.

Developed in Python, building upon the foundations set by the open-source Wagtail project and utilising the tools from the Django web framework, Engine CMS is born. The blazing-fast speeds, security, versatility and scalability of Django blend beautifully with the feature-filled CMS tools from Wagtail, building a powerful foundation for Engine CMS. We develop bespoke to your business needs, whether you want a business website, e-commerce solution, secure portal or something else, it's possible with Engine CMS.

Supercharge Your Business

Explore the services we offer and learn more about how we develop a bespoke version of Engine CMS to wrap around your business, fulfilling each and every requirement in the most efficient way possible.