Web Design

Web Design

We don't just create a website, we create an experience.

We provide engaging designs by strategically combining brand storytelling and user experience. We specialise in building responsive websites that fit perfectly on any device.

We break down each project into phases, each with its own stages, with each phase a part of the progression towards creating your bespoke website. Our passionate design team can design eye-catching, engaging, and elegant websites for your business. We design from the ground up, following an iterative refinement process, producing design wireframes and mock-ups, whilst taking on board your feedback every step of the way.

The Design Phase

Stage 01


We keep our clients at the heart of each project, as each project is built to wrap around them. At the start of a project, we talk to our clients to understand their exact needs so we can create a set of requirements to help us with the design process. We start off with trying to understand their business, brand, the services they offer and your target market and then move on to website content.

Stage 02


Our rigorous research stage during the initial phase of each project helps us understand our clients' target market, allowing us to pinpoint exactly what they want. Not only do we research the target market, but we also look into competing businesses, allowing us to gather the data points required to help us create stunning designs custom-built to entice customers and put our client's business ahead of the competition.

Stage 03


Taking into account the data from our client meeting and market research phases. We start off producing a sitemap to plan pages and content, then progress on to producing a working demo prototype. We help clients choose the right typography and colour schemes to unite with their business. We then work with clients to build the content for the website, incorporating images, illustrations, icons and videos as well as wording.

Stage 04


An iterative process forms part of our refinement programme, enabling you to request modifications, to ensure your complete approval of the end product. A working prototype will be accessible, allowing clients to see what the final product would look like. Changes can be requested by the clients to the design, this will then be carried out and a new working prototype will be published, forming the iterative process.

Photos by Niharika

Photographs on a website can tell a story and can be used to illustrate a point as well as convey emotions. We've partnered with Niharika to bring exceptional assets to captivate clients. In fact, you may have noticed some of her photographs on our own website.

With your vision forming the foundations, we seek to build upon this through design wireframes and mock-ups, whilst taking on board your feedback every step of the way. Only after you're completely satisfied do we progress to the next phase of the project - development.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you're interested in a brand new website design, or a redesign of an existing website, we can help!